Embodied Presence — A Craniosacral Therapy and Equine Facilitated Learning Experience

What is it that we deeply yearn for? Although we may think it is something outside of ourselves, it is the longing for our own presence that we truly desire. Presence requires slowing way down to be able to tune into all our parts — emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. It is this ability to 'tune in' that gives us a better sense of who we are and how we relate to our world and others.

In this 3 hour private session, Barb and Angela will facilitate an experience of Embodied Presence with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to regulate the nervous system and Equine Facilitated Learning to foster presence. This session includes 2 Equine Facilitated Learning exercises with a 60 minute craniosacral session in between. This is self-care that brings you into your immediate experience in a new way, with space to cleanse your perceptions, trust in the intelligence of the body, and empathetic connection.

This work can build upon itself. Although one session may be of benefit, this program is designed to be repeated, building a momentum of learning and healing. New Equine Facilitated Learning exercises will be selected to support the development and practice of presence; consecutive craniosacral therapy sessions will support the body’s self repair and regulation into deeper levels. 3 session packages of Embodied Presence experiences are available and recommended.

Contact Barb for more information on investment and availability.

Meet Barb Gaske

B.Sc (Pharm.), B.A., M.T.S. (Spirituality)

Certified in:

Power of the Herd®, Master Herder®, Sentient Communication®, and Connection Focused Therapy®

Barb's quest to understand what it really means to heal, and be whole, has led her to the field of Equine Facilitated Learning, where she is able to partner with her horses to help people on a road to healing and self-discovery.